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We had a lot of fun with the summer camp video!  Huge thanks goes out to Dana Rasmussen for the editing!

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Winter is coming…and we have a camp for you!  Check out BAM Academy’s winter camp.  The winter camp has all the cool stuff that our summer program has, but we have a few surprises.  Maybe even a couple ninja warrior experts coming out to do some cool training! Check out the winter camp here!

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JULY 26th and 27th in Austin, Texas The Movement Challenge presented by Texas Parkour  and True Nature Training is all about how fast and efficient you can move through obstacles.  You will hang, swing, climb, jump and crawl, lift and carry with a lot of creativity.  Think Ninja Warrior or Mud Runs.  The competition is open to any and all athletes, gymnasts, rock climbers, runners, crossfiter, boot campers and more. But only one winner will be crowned victorious as a true […]

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Expect the unexpected at our grand opening for True Nature Training. We could have flaming alligators, or grumpy cat. Although, something you can truly expect is some great music, training with people all over Texas and free stuff!

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We have run a lot of stuff through the ranks of social media and also traditional media. Every once and a while we get featured. Yesterday our new gym BAM Academy was featured on We were also Featured in a couple years back.

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