Personal Training Austin

Austin Parkour Coaches are trying out a new Service.   Matthew Lee Willis Patrick Yang Levi McGlathery Any of our coaches here in Austin will offer private lessons, almost every time of the day/night, depending on personal preference and coach availability. We are trying this new service as a complete donation based exercise. Whatever donation you feel is generous enough for Texas Parkour we will come out and help train you into better physical fitness. We will be offering Parkour, […]

Parkour Classes

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Austin Beginners Workshop this Weekend!

Austin Beginner’s Jam/Whitewash 31st 2 Weeks, 1 Day ago   Who: TXPK is having a beginner’s workshop and whitewash Where: on the UT Austin campus When: on Saturday, January 31st, starting at 10am in front of the Tower.  What: We’ll move from place to place as we go through basic movements and the importance of conditioning. As we train in each location, we’ll clean it, picking up litter and cleaning footprint marks off of walls. Why: leaving the place looking better than it did when we […]

North Weekly Training at UTD

We will be going out to UTD every Sunday at 4:00 p.m. to around 6:00 p.m. We plan on starting next week, Feb. 1. UTD has a lot of obstacles and we have never had a problem with law enforcement there. Even though we live in Denton, its worth the drive. Anyone can come out that wants to train or learn more about parkour. If you have any questions or anything you can contact me by my cell or e-mail […]

Older Means Wiser

-=An article written by Matthew Lee Willis from his recent trainings=- Robert S. is 52 years old and lives in Texarkana, Texas. Robert is my new inspiration. I remember about two months ago a man emailed me about some possible training tips and techniques. Knowing he lived farther away from me I knew it would be even more difficult for me to help him. After some emailing back and forth Robert decided to come down to Austin and make a […]

Texas Parkour is Getting a Jump Start

This year we are going to get more organized and start to use our EVENTS application on this good old Website.  Make sure to check it out and look for some good events that will be happening right in your neck of the woods. We felt this year would be the year of the small town.  Many of you have jammed in one the major cities that Texas Parkour represents, though we are trying to get all those good in […]

Blood, Sweat and Plasma

We all work hard to for Texas Parkour.  We all put our blood sweat and tears into the discipline and art.  What Texas Parkour is proposing is for you to give us your plasma.  That’s right.  You can help us get our non-profit together before the new year by going with us to give plasma for the cause. December 29th PLASMA JAM- I want to group as many possible people together for a large jam. Fun, training and hilarity will […]

Performance Team Chosen

Texas Parkour Performance Team – TPPT, and tentatively Team Gibbon, has been assembled.  Team Gibbon goes as far as this time last year.  Gibbons, known for their amazing brachiation, have become a bit of a mascot to some of the members on the team. It stated with Mike Avery.  The first job many of us Texans had was in Dallas.  He brought this great yellow bag with none other then a Gibbon on its front.  The production crew refered to […]

Fox 29 Media Event

Fox 29 News will be coming out to film us on 25th in San Antonio. Training will be at Hemisphere Park and we will meet at the Tower of Americas. Training begins at 11:00am Be respectful and curtious around the cameras.  We hope there will be a good turnout for the media event.  Thank you.


No Competition In Parkour, Parkour Competition Gregg Lamse Winner! Gregg went above and beyond what we would expect those to do here with the competition.  He filmed his training up until a point in which he broke his finger on a vault.  He continued his training and still filmed his progression afterwards.  His video became not just over coming inexperience or the obstacles on the ground but overcoming an injury and the mental implications have trying to train while hurt.  […]