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San Antonio Crossfit Workshop

San Antonio Workshop Success The San Antonio workshop went well on Sunday, July 19th. Matthew Lee Willis and Levi McGlathery lead a 2 1/2 hour workshop with local Crossfitters in San Antonio, Texas. The event was held at Alamo Crossfit.  We started with a great warmup that made even the Crossfitters break a sweat! We loved the space because we were able to utilize it with all the basic movements for Parkour — QM, Vaults, and even some great Laches. Texas Parkour […]

Camping at Pedernales Falls

Title: Camping at Pedernales Falls When: 08.1.2009 – 08.2.2009 10.00 h – 16.00 h Where: Pedernales Falls State Park – Johnson City Category: Special Events Description Camping! Probably the last one before summer ends. We’re gonna be at Pedernales Falls State Park, out near Johnson City. Train in the “wild”, swim in the river, and all that good stuff. What you need to bring: – $8 entrance fees – $2 for reservations (exact change, please) – sunscreen – camping gear – […]

Austin Monday Gym Training

Austin Monday training has a new time and place.  Come join us at Jackie’s Gymnastics where we are helping start an open gym training session.  You can work anything from Parkour to Gymnastics and Tricking.  Matthew Lee Willis will be available for coaching and we’ll have all the same crew out plus new faces.  Bring your friends  A precentage of the profits will actualy make its way back to Texas Parkour Inc. Open Gym Times: 7pm to 9pmFees: $10 Every […]

Featured Member Articles

Since the inception of Texas Parkour, we have always believed that our members are what make the organization as great as it is currently and in the future.  We would like to reach out to those members and do Feature Spotlights!  For those of you that train Parkour or just use Texas Parkour Inc. as their social get away, we would like to extend our gratitude by featuring you in *The Face of Texas Parkour* on our front page. All […]

Great strides for new Traceurs and Traceuses

Recently in Hawaii, Urban Current had a Parkour training camp. Check out how these new Traceurs and Traceuses grow and change their lives because of Parkour. If you’re new to Parkour, be sure to check out the Texas Parkour “Systema Workshop for Beginners” on May 2nd. You won’t want to miss out on the training provided by the Texas Parkour team. Did I mention it’s FREE?    

Ask men? Why not? recently published an article about some very effective conditioning workouts for Parkour. I am formally challenging everyone to step it up and complete one (if not all seven) of these a day over the next seven days. Push yourself. Ask more from yourself. Go the distance and of course, check out the full, well written, article.   1- Jump squats Benefits: As many of the movements in parkour include rebounding off walls, the ground or other objects, you are […]

Chance to Build Parkour Park at San Antonio!

Guess what we got?  We have our foot in the door to build our very own Parkour Park in Converse, Texas just outside of San Antonio!  The project was headed up by Devin Martin, one of San Antonio’s leaders.  He presented a convincing case to the City Manager, Sam Hughes, of Converse.  The land has been opened to Texas Parkour under a Use Rights Agreement. What does that mean?  It means that (1) we don’t officially own the property, but […]

Baylor Jam Video

Val Gameiro went with Texas Parkour to Baylor and did a great job shooting our photoshoot as well as some general movement through Baylor campus.  Thanks Val.  *no sound* *sound*

Mental Barriers

Some things involving movement are determined SOLELY by the mental strength established in Parkour. This video reinforces that strength and gives us inspiration to push ourselves further than we allowed ourselves before.