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Austin Monday Gym Training

Austin Monday training has a new time and place.  Come join us at Jackie’s Gymnastics where we are helping start an open gym training session.  You can work anything from Parkour to Gymnastics and Tricking.  Matthew Lee Willis will be available for coaching and we’ll have all the same crew out plus new faces.  Bring your friends  A precentage of the profits will actualy make its way back to Texas Parkour Inc. Open Gym Times: 7pm to 9pmFees: $10 Every […]

Featured Member Articles

Since the inception of Texas Parkour, we have always believed that our members are what make the organization as great as it is currently and in the future.  We would like to reach out to those members and do Feature Spotlights!  For those of you that train Parkour or just use Texas Parkour Inc. as their social get away, we would like to extend our gratitude by featuring you in *The Face of Texas Parkour* on our front page. All […]

Take Flight Grand Opening

  This Wednesday, June 24th, one of the first major Parkour based clothing companies in America will be opening its doors. The company is called Take Flight, and at 11:00pm Central Time, it will undergo its International Clothing Launch at which time its online store will immediately become available and open for purchasing to Texas traceurs (the “official” launch time from the site is June 25th at Midnight Eastern Time, which is technically Thursday). Starting with 14 shirts, including 6 […]

Prototype Live Action Video Game (give away)

Texas Parkour has teamed up with Gamestop to bring you news of the new game, Prototype.  They have given Texas Parkour Inc. a copy of Prototype to give away.  Look for your chance to get a copy of the game at PKUSA.  Here is some information given from Gamestop about this game: “GameStop has created a video that melds real world Parkour moves with the Prototype gameplay Parkour moves: This video was shot in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn in […]

On Failure

 “Until you can’t fail”             It is a phrase you hear often enough in parkour.  The idea is simple.  Parkour involves movements designed to cope with dangerous situations.  Your life, your health, your well being may hinge on being able to perform.  In some situations, someone else’s life, health and well being could rely on your abilities.  At the very least, an improperly executed movement can cause injury in and of itself.  Because of this, it is not enough just […]

Personal Training Austin

Austin Parkour Coaches are trying out a new Service.   Matthew Lee Willis Patrick Yang Levi McGlathery Any of our coaches here in Austin will offer private lessons, almost every time of the day/night, depending on personal preference and coach availability. We are trying this new service as a complete donation based exercise. Whatever donation you feel is generous enough for Texas Parkour we will come out and help train you into better physical fitness. We will be offering Parkour, […]

Parkour Classes

Check out our Classes Here at

Women’s Jam

The first Women’s Jam on March 7th was a great success! It fell on the same weekend as Explore UT, so there was a lot of bustle on campus, but it was a beautiful day with a good turnout. Eleven women showed up, spanning a whole range of ages and experience levels, but all ready to train and learn and have fun. We warmed up with a wall traverse and then some QMs and diving monkeys in the grass. After everyone […]

Texas Parkour is Hiring

You don’t have to clean out your ears.  Yes, Texas Parkour is hiring and wants you to work for us!  We have several positions to fill and there will be an very fun application process in which you will be able to join the team. Positions Available–STAFF-Equipment ManagerEvents/Marketing ManagerOutreach ManagerFund Raising ManagerMedia ManagerAssistant to the Media Manager -INTERNS-3 Intern PositionMarketing/Advertising/Sales(create your own position by bringing your love into Texas Parkour) *please know that all jobs will be commission based and require a […]