Blood, Sweat and Plasma

We all work hard to for Texas Parkour.  We all put our blood sweat and tears into the discipline and art.  What Texas Parkour is proposing is for you to give us your plasma.  That’s right.  You can help us get our non-profit together before the new year by going with us to give plasma for the cause. December 29th PLASMA JAM- I want to group as many possible people together for a large jam. Fun, training and hilarity will […]

23rd 24th Weekend PLANS

OUR NEW GYM- Flipnastics is the new gym for our Gym Jams. Here is the directions to the place. DIRECTION Enchanted Rock AND GYM JAM   BOTH MUST BE FILLED OUT BEFORE YOU COME IF YOUR UNDER 18 YEARS OLDWaiver:   August 23rd- Most of us will be leaving from our respective places this day and meeting at 11:00am at Enchanted Rock. We will leave around 5:00pm and we can have dinner at MY HOUSE at 7:00pm. You may […]