The Best

-=Article Written by Janine Cundy =- The Best. What is that? What does that mean? Does “the best” mean your own personal best, or does it stand for something better than someone else? Often, in sporting arenas , competitions arise to place one athlete over another. Does this kind of thing help one competitor be truly better than another? Or just petty? In parkour, I feel that competition against others is not only a waste of time and talent, but […]

PNWPA Gets Non-Profit

I was able to talk to Janine Cundy this last week and we had a great time talking about the non-profit up in in Pacific Northwest Area.  I wanted to post some information about the project. TYSON CECKA It took the IRS almost 5 months to get it to us, but we finally are recognized as an official 501(c)3 not-for-profit public charity! The reason this is so important is that we are now eligible for tax deductible donations, most goverment […]