Older Means Wiser

-=An article written by Matthew Lee Willis from his recent trainings=- Robert S. is 52 years old and lives in Texarkana, Texas. Robert is my new inspiration. I remember about two months ago a man emailed me about some possible training tips and techniques. Knowing he lived farther away from me I knew it would be even more difficult for me to help him. After some emailing back and forth Robert decided to come down to Austin and make a […]

Texas Parkour is Getting a Jump Start

This year we are going to get more organized and start to use our EVENTS application on this good old Website.  Make sure to check it out and look for some good events that will be happening right in your neck of the woods. We felt this year would be the year of the small town.  Many of you have jammed in one the major cities that Texas Parkour represents, though we are trying to get all those good in […]

November Challenge of the Month

   Desmund Mitchell, from the Houston area of Texas Parkour has started thinking up challenges for everyone to participate in to help foster progression. Here’s Novembers’ Challenge  Precision Distance Measure your standing precision distance on flat ground. Start with your foot behind your mark, and measure the distance from the line to your heels. Post your distance at the beginning and just edit your post to include any progress you’d like to track along the way.   You can post your […]

Performance Team Chosen

Texas Parkour Performance Team – TPPT, and tentatively Team Gibbon, has been assembled.  Team Gibbon goes as far as this time last year.  Gibbons, known for their amazing brachiation, have become a bit of a mascot to some of the members on the team. It stated with Mike Avery.  The first job many of us Texans had was in Dallas.  He brought this great yellow bag with none other then a Gibbon on its front.  The production crew refered to […]

Fox 29 Media Event

Fox 29 News will be coming out to film us on 25th in San Antonio. Training will be at Hemisphere Park and we will meet at the Tower of Americas. Training begins at 11:00am Be respectful and curtious around the cameras.  We hope there will be a good turnout for the media event.  Thank you.


No Competition In Parkour, Parkour Competition Gregg Lamse Winner! Gregg went above and beyond what we would expect those to do here with the competition.  He filmed his training up until a point in which he broke his finger on a vault.  He continued his training and still filmed his progression afterwards.  His video became not just over coming inexperience or the obstacles on the ground but overcoming an injury and the mental implications have trying to train while hurt.  […]

Matthew Lee Willis – IF – Episode 1

I name this episode 1 because there will be many rallies to help our good friend out over at www.if.net He is trying to get as many possibilities over there.This first one is… a model shoot.  If you could Post this link http://www.if.net/contests/general/56621?cid=3004 myspace/ facebook/ blogsVote for himTell your friends He would appreaciate it.

Off to Beirut

Everyone be sure to wish Jereme a fond au revoir before he takes off to Beirut tomorrow. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, Jereme and the Tribe have been bestowed the task of travelling to Beirut and teaching parkour at the US Embassy there. More information on the trip can be found here. Good luck Jereme! May the flow be with you!

AMD RED Shoot: Behind the Scenes *Link Fixed*

Matthew Willis recently finished an edit up of our RED shoot with AMD. It’s all footage from our camera behind the scenes so to speak, and I feel it really captures the feel of that day. Enjoy!

San Marcos Jam September 20th

Where: San Marcos (meet at the saltgrass near by the College) Exit 206 if coming off of 35 (aquarena Springs)We will be training at Texas state and also At this wooden playground in San MarcosWhen: September 20th, meet at 11amWho: Everybody is welcome Blam Hope to see you guys there!