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Texas Parkour’s Vision Statement states that we shall do our best to include “…education to all ages on true philosophies and techniques behind Parkour”. This truth comes from original concepts of Parkour and Free Running. Texas Parkour has taken its stance on being against competition.  Texas Parkour WILL NOT outcast, ban, or condemn any member or members of the community that participates, encourages, or affiliates themselves with Parkour competition.  Texas Parkour’s content will, however, encourage the cessation of competition.  Thank you.

Received from PK Cali

Parkour is NOT a competition and everyone needs to be aware of this.

Given the recent surge of people talking about competition, we must do what we can to make sure the public knows that Parkour is NOT a competition and is a NON-COMPETITIVE discipline. In fact, a competition goes completely against the Parkour philosophy!!

Please read the threads on and to help you get more informed and then please do your part to help keep Parkour safe from competition.

“We want a change through parkour, not a change of parkour.” -Erwan

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Again, do what you can to make sure people and the media know that Parkour is not a competition! As a Parkour practitioner, it is your obligation to help in the fight against competition.