Sept Article of the Month

Reunions Gone for a year and what have you to prove? Progression truly shows when you haven’t trained with a group of traceurs in over a year. Strength, technique, object-awareness, and over all open-mindedness. As traceurs our goal is to constantly progress to better ourselves for whatever reason we train. Whether it be fun, to become more efficient, to protect, or a mixture of the three, I think we can all agree that our primary goal is to progress. I […]

March Article of the Month

A director introduced me to Parkour a year ago. I went for one day and had a lot of fun. I was awed by the things momentum and skill can do for you, although, both my fiancé and I came away slightly injured and sore for like three days. I enjoyed it but I was worried about the health of my joints and bones. It didn’t help that one person was wearing pads to protect from a previous injury and […]