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  walteranderson #pkgentrip According to @walteranderson  

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matthewwillis #pkgentrip according to @matthewwillis More to come from other members who attended the AWWW inspiring workshop.    

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I have seen this community grow and fall over the 5 years that I have been training here in Texas, last 5 years of putting on workshops, the last 5 years of trying to bring communities together.   I have seen Texas Parkour be a central hub for many communities over the last 5 years.   -El Paso -Fredericksberg -Waco -College Station -Taylor -Amarillo -San Angelo -countless inner city movements   It Started with -San Antonio Then moved to -Austin […]

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( THIS IS OUT OF DATE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT OUR ACADEMY PAGE  THANK YOU   The part that breaks my heart. Its just for 4yr to 13yr olds. We apologize for the mass email – our announcement is monumental for our community! We also invite you to pass our information along. There are links below to post more information on social networks, blogs and websites if you feel so inclined. Thank you so much! JOIN OUR MAIL LIST – OFFICIAL […]

Read More You might have seen these two new links at the top of the page.  Do you like it?  Let us know.  Have some suggestions?  Let us know.  Although, to be fair, go ahead and answer that question you plan on purposing.  It will help us out.  Remember short and to the point. Find a spelling mistake?  Fix it and post it.  We will do our best to fix it.  To be fair, we only one on text response […]

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