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8/26/10 Originally written by: Will Stewart Edited and amended by: Travis Ford   Theory of Coconutism The Theory of Coconutism is a system of thought centered around maintaining a positive mentality throughout one’s daily life, especially when training. One should always believe that he or she is capable of accomplishing any feat of strength or skill that their peers are capable of. The concept of “not strong enough” or “not skilled enough” is a tempting and ready replacement for hard […]

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-As posted on the front page of America Parkour–   As promised we watied for an update from Sha, and here’s the short of it – Parkour is NOT banned in NYC by name. Sha’s information was based on what he was told by a Park Police officer, however there is no specific law or legislation against parkour. There is (and has been for a long time) legislation against climbing on things, this is not new. What this has done […]

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Young Palettes is an Austin-based nonprofit organization, created by Chef Marcus Willis and Chef Arnold Perez (Austin locals). Chef Arnold Perez and Chef Marcus Willis have both received their Culinary degrees from ACC Culinary Program. Young Palettes targets obesity and childhood obesity. It promotes healthy and sustainable living practices concerning food, and classes are offered for both the child/children and their parents. Young Palettes is part of a new awareness of affordable, healthy meals for the kids, families and athletes: […]

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  What: Parkour in the Park is a free running and parkour exhibition and instructional class taught by several of the best traceurs and free runners in Texas. Both entertaining and utilitarian, parkour and free running are disciplines that utilize natural and man-made features of the cityscape to leap, climb, swing, balance, and vault over. Buy cheap Viagra online overnight delivery from and save your money.   Come and play or just watch. You’re sure to be entertained and […]

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We have some new features folks. A lot of people out there are taking their own inituitive to start workshops, jams and trainings all on their own.  We have a new feature called EVENT SUMBIT.  If you would like an event to be submitted on the boards let us know through this cool feature.  Just look for it under the User>Event   Submit.  While your under that menu, check out all the other features such as … Member List We […]

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