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(OUT OF DATE – IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A BASTROP CLASS, CONTACT US!)  THANK YOU Due to the recent hardships that the Bastrop area had this past month, our coach Levi McGlathery has decided to teach the Bastrop class free of charge for the month of October. We would like to invite any interested kid’s ages, 7-18, to come and participate on Tuesday’s at 5pm in Fisherman’s Park. More information about our Kid’s Classes can be found on the […]

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Many things have been happening with Texas Parkour over the summer.  Aside from the blistering heat, we were still up and running!   First of which, we now are proving afterschool classes to 5 schools in Austin!  We are working with the 21st Century Grant Program.  This grant gives schools money to start and maintain afterschool programs.  It is a great program and we are excited to be a part of their 7th cycle.  Look for us in your schools […]

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We looked at our forums. We decided it was cluttered, old and overwhelming. We made some changes, tell us what you think. Also, we are thinking of archiving most of our old messages. Thoughts?

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The global parkour community has initiated a fantastic charity event to help Japan following the terrible recent earthquake and tsunami catastrophe that has ravaged the country’s Eastern coastline. The idea is similar to our One Giant Leap initiative the year before last against environmental pollution, and will be a day of jams and training sessions in participating cities around the world to raise awareness and donations for The Japanese Red Cross Society. Is there a generic Lasix available? Here […]

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We would like to congratulate Tim Burton for his recent success with the Red Bull’s Art of Motion Competition.  You may all know, everyone starts at the same level in Parkour but Tim really had some great beginner training.  Shown below you can see a bit of the journey he has had on his trip to stardom! Maybe not like everyone else..

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