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Texas Parkour is going to Nicaragua in February and we are doing a fundraising workshop to get there!  Check out all the details below for the workshop. Cost: $35 Class length: 2hrs Location: Westlake Crossfit When: Saturday February 4th, 10:30am to 12:30am Coach: Matthew Lee Willis Features: Learn the Basics of Parkour Safe Environment at your own pace Learn with others Description Learn how to move free without being trapped behind your cubicle or gym. Expand your mind and learn how a […]

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Do you know that feeling of when you get injured, there is just no way that you can make it to the hospital?  It costs to much.  You're parents don’t have insurance, your on your own and you dont work at a job yet that can pay for your insurance.  I do, I know this feeling.  I know this because I involve myself with athletic play.  My injuries never came from doing something stupid or doing something I shouldn't do, […]

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No matter where you are, there are Parkour Groups all over Texas! Check them out and join the one nearest you to stay updated on workouts, workshops and classes! Workouts for all Groups are posted on the Texas Parkour Calendar Classes and Workshops are on the Texas Parkour Academy Lubbock Parkour San Antonio Parkour Austin Parkour Dallas Parkour El Paso Parkour Del Rio Parkour Corpus Christi Parkour South Texas Parkour NOTE: Texas Parkour Affiliate Groups are groups who organize Parkour […]

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(THIS IS OUT OF DATE) PLEASE VISIT OUR ACADEMY PAGE.  THANK YOU! We are excited to announce that our new classes will be at Little Stacy Park in Austin Texas.  We have held a wednesday class for close to 5 years now.  I have looked back at almost 5 years of teaching this class and that is almost 250 classes that we have offered for free to all Austinies!  We this think is a GREAT accomplishment and really want to […]

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The Austin Natural Method Facebook Group has officially affiliated with Texas Parkour and is now called Austin Natural Method and Parkour Conditioning. While there are some differences between Natural Method (also called Natural Movement) and Parkour, they originated mostly from the work of Georges Hébert and continue to carry several similarities. Both Natural Method and Parkour focus on safety, vaulting and climbing while Natural Method focuses on the same using ten fundamental groups: walking, running, jumping, quadrupedal movement, climbing, equilibrium […]

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