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Texas Parkour has helped create the ultimate in obstacle course training. Wanna be a better runner, lifter, jumper, vaulter? Do you wan to be the next NINJA WARRIOR?
Read more for our promotional code for a $99 entry to the Sept 15-16 Fearless Training Camp in Austin!

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While you have been getting ready for school, we have been getting ready for our new SPACE! (read more)

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Come join us this weekend (promo code CERT – $50 off) for Parkour Federation’s Coaches Certification. You’ll learn Spotting Technique, Teaching Progressions and amazing Teaching Drills. Take it to teach Parkour or take it to learn more about your training or help your friends. Click Read More to find out more about the Certification.

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How do you guys like the new website?  Pretty awesome huh?  We have all sorts of cool things on here! Community Maps Community Events Sponsored Athletes Facebook Login Just tell us anything else we should add, and we will do what we can to bring it to you guys!

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Welcome to Ninja Warrior Tryouts!  Ninja Warrior will be coming down to film and interview you for the next big Ninja Warrior Challenge.  You will navigate your way through the natural obstacles of the Northwest District park!  We will have some pre-set routes and you can make up your own! We encourage anyone to bring their own equipement to show off for the team.  Slacklines, EndoBoards, Weights, Boxes ANYTHING!  Make sure to show off Rock Climbing, Balance, Bare Feet, Flips, […]

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