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Nick Haley put some time and effort together and donated it to Texas Parkour this last week.  Although, it is more known as money.  He donated a good $50 to his home town of San Antonio.  I think we should all give him a thumbs up and I want to personally thank him for making a good commitment to his city and Texas Parkour.  Thank you.  I wanted to show something else that he had made a while back.  Thanks […]

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Many organizations recently are having birthdays.  In June Texas Parkour is 3 years old.  We decided to celebrate by bringing out our new website. The new look is great but we really are excited about what Joomla, has been able to offer to many sites like ours. We will have the ability to concentrate on the community and bring many great benefits to the users. Starting off we have a great community profile that all can fill out and share […]

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El Paso Parkour Academy was created by the most experienced traceurs in El Paso in order to have a safe location to train individuals interested in learning the art of movement.  At the academy, we teach basic and intermediate techniques, including proper landing, rolling, and falling techniques in order to safely recover from a fall.  We also cover specific parkour movements such as various vaults, wall climbs, precisions, underbars, tic-tacs, etc.  We place an emphasis on safety and advancing at […]

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I am happy to announce that in an effort to further unify the Texas Parkour scene, El Paso Parkour has joined the ranks of Texas Parkour. For several years, El Paso Parkour, formed by Tony aka shinobifof, has operated independently, gathering a decent following by appearing in several news outlets (The Verve, Whats Up Magazine, El Paso Times, etc.) and performing at various events in Parkour demonstrations (grand opening of Concrete Jungle, El Paso Sports Expo, Dia De Los Ninos […]

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