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I name this episode 1 because there will be many rallies to help our good friend out over at He is trying to get as many possibilities over there.This first one is… a model shoot.  If you could Post this link myspace/ facebook/ blogsVote for himTell your friends He would appreaciate it.

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Try going into your account and uploading a video.  Its a new feature we are playing with.  I hope that everyone can do this because it will promote people’s profiles on the site.  We are trying to get the profiles just past a name that you use but like a social site on Facebook or Myspace.  Enjoy the new feature.  More to come!    

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Everyone be sure to wish Jereme a fond au revoir before he takes off to Beirut tomorrow. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, Jereme and the Tribe have been bestowed the task of travelling to Beirut and teaching parkour at the US Embassy there. More information on the trip can be found here. Good luck Jereme! May the flow be with you!

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The store is now open.  Currently we only have the shirt for sale but we would love to see more things in the future.  Anyone have any connections or suggestions in the future let us know.  Though, for now…I welcome the Cow Vault Shirt.

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T-Shirts are HERE! Soon you will be able to buy your t-shirt off the site though, for now we would like a rough estimate of the people that will be purchasing a t-shirt and also most important YOUR SIZE!  T-shirt orders go out soon so that we may have them for you at the NATIONAL JAM.  This is where we will distribute them.  We will have around 40 shirts, plenty to go around.  Lets sell them all.  Click here or […]

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