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Texas Parkour is opening the first and one of a kind 7,500 sqft Parkour and Natural Movement Gym in Austin Texas on APRIL 1st! 8222 North Lamar Austin TX 78753 Our program includes: Open Gym Parkour Natural Movement Gymnastics Yoga Stunt Classes Martial Arts, Strength and Condition, Circus Arts and Aerial Slik Classes are on their way to0.  We have the opportunity to true make a spectacular movement gym! How Can You Help? Donate to Our Spring Floor – Make […]

Read More Do you agree Parkour is awesome? How about MovNat? Gymnastics? Don’t you want to train in a facility that helps you prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse or just helps you obtain your goals of being a ninja? Help True Nature Training make that a reality for thousands of people in Austin, Texas. We are going to do something amazing for youth and adults of this generation and we want you to be a part of it. We want to […]

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My inbox has been FLOODED with when our summer camps are going to be this year!  Well, here are the dates. The locations are currently TBA –  “It’s super secret, but we might be doing them somewhere even better then Zilker Park this year.”  More definitive information soon, plus we may do some more camps, and even some in other cities.  I am looking at you DALLAS! YOUTH SUMMER CAMP TEEN SUMMER CAMP

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So Close, Yet so Far. The World Record Event is postponed.  This is the great battle of City of Austin vs. Travis County.  There were some permitting issues with blah blah blah.  Long story short, we are postponed and we are giving the city the stink eye.  Good news however, it will give us more opportunity to bring you more BBQ, and better bonfire and more free stuff to give away.  Thank you again and please spread the news!

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