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Check out our new Articles for this month.  These articles change each month.  Just look up and find the tabs. Challenge of the Month Article of the Month Video of the Month 

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Rainey Gibson, Producer and Marketer for UF Studios, has been a strong supporter of Texas Parkour.She has shown up to jams and even participated in our workshop back in February.  We hope to see her more, but until then we would like to show you a bit about her studio.  Please check out her current projects Unidentified Flying Studios is a custom film, video and motion graphics company located in beautiful Austin, Texas. From concept to creation, we produce amazing […]

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Rainey Gibson, Producer and Marketer for UF Studios, has been a strong supporter of Texas Parkour.She has shown up to jams and even participated in our workshop back in February.  We hope to seeher more, but until then we would like to show you a bit about her studio.  Please check out her current projects. Unidentified Flying Studios is a custom film, video and motion graphics comp any located in beautiful Austin, Texas. From concept to creation, we produce amazing and dynamic content that we tailor  to your specific needs. Although we can do anything, our specialty is web, interactive and viral videos  that can be used to spread the word about products and concepts as well as attracting more traffic  to your website, making people want to stay there longer and return again and again. Web videos are  the ads of today and they can be cheaper and easier to not only create but to distribute and limited only  by the imagination {mos_fb_discuss:21}  

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This weekend there will be many people on campus.  Make sure that you can park.  Here is a nice little bit of information that can help you for the parking downtown. 

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Texas Parkour Annexed Waco this last week. You can read all about the workshops on the new WACO PAGE. It is exciting to see what great potential the small community has to offer.  Spencer and Justin are heading up the project and we hope that you may be able to give them adcice as well as making Waco a continuing part of our education and growth here in Texas Parkour Inc. Welcome Waco, we look forward to jamming you *again* […]

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