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Who wants to effect Texas Parkour personally by donating specific items that can significantly effect our production?  Don’t you all raise your hand at once.  Check out the link and bid on something that will help the future of Texas Parkour in producing a new parkour park or a truck that can allow us to transport items from workshop to workshop.  Give it a chance. {mos_fb_discuss:27} 

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Matthew Lee Willis will be featured today March 23rd on Check out the front page feature as well as his profile.  You can also check out his Profile here on MYSTAGE.

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You don’t have to clean out your ears.  Yes, Texas Parkour is hiring and wants you to work for us!  We have several positions to fill and there will be an very fun application process in which you will be able to join the team. Positions Available–STAFF-Equipment ManagerEvents/Marketing ManagerOutreach ManagerFund Raising ManagerMedia ManagerAssistant to the Media Manager -INTERNS-3 Intern PositionMarketing/Advertising/Sales(create your own position by bringing your love into Texas Parkour) *please know that all jobs will be commission based and require a […]

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When your training your mind by looking up articles online, here are some tips for ya.   1. Cyber Squats – Who says you have to sit when you’re online? Set your chair aside for a few minutes and instead do squats as you write your next blog post, comment, or when you cruise around the Web. I’m squatting as I write this post – ouch! 2. RSS Raises – As you’re sitting at your desk, straighten your knees and lift your […]

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We are on Facebook.  Check us out!  We will also be posting events and pictures after events.  Also, encourging all of you as well to do the same.     TEXAS PARKOUR PAGE   Austin Parkour  San Antonio Parkour  Dallas/ Fort Worth Houston Parkour  El Paso Parkour  Waco Parkour

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