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A new article by Jennifer Elaine Davis of the Dallas Observer spotlights Texas Parkour’s upcoming workshop with CrossFit Strong in Dallas, Texas.  See the excerpt below:   Bouncing Off the Walls By Jennifer Elaine Davis “I recently started running again, after a hiatus that’s been longer than I’d like to admit…It’s a constant source of amazement to me how peaceful and empowered I feel after a good run, and I imagine if I can get that feeling after a 30-minute […]

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Recently in Hawaii, Urban Current had a Parkour training camp. Check out how these new Traceurs and Traceuses grow and change their lives because of Parkour. If you’re new to Parkour, be sure to check out the Texas Parkour “Systema Workshop for Beginners” on May 2nd. You won’t want to miss out on the training provided by the Texas Parkour team. Did I mention it’s FREE?    

Read More recently published an article about some very effective conditioning workouts for Parkour. I am formally challenging everyone to step it up and complete one (if not all seven) of these a day over the next seven days. Push yourself. Ask more from yourself. Go the distance and of course, check out the full, well written, article.   1- Jump squats Benefits: As many of the movements in parkour include rebounding off walls, the ground or other objects, you are […]

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Some things involving movement are determined SOLELY by the mental strength established in Parkour. This video reinforces that strength and gives us inspiration to push ourselves further than we allowed ourselves before.      

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      Thank you to Cali Lewis and Wealth Nation.  View our small segment and information about business here. 

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