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TXPK Volunteer Day What: Volunteer day for Texas Parkour.  We will need all of your talents from script writing to food making.  The day will consist of a 8 fun hours of volunteer work.  You will be feed and kept healthy all day.  We will have impromptu workouts to keep the creative blood flowing to, great food cooked cooked on the grill.  We will need anyone with a mind and the ability to work with others.  Everyone that comes will […]

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Public Release of information pertaining to American Parkour’s involvement with (FME). “August 27, 2009: FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME) has signed an exclusive equity partnership deal with Motion Inc., a leading specialist Parkour and Freerunning company in the United States, it was announced today by Keith Hindle, CEO Americas for FME.  The primary objective of the deal is to grow the sport into a global entertainment franchise and league competition through live events, a television platform and brand extension opportunities across sponsorship, […]

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Parkour Visions, the official non-profit organization of American Parkour, just submitted an application for the “Grant 4 Change.” If they win, they’ll receive $10,000 which they plan to put toward opening up a training center and continuing to fund their outreach programs that teach parkour to at-risk and low-income children. They have a lot of competition though – there are 293 other organizations applying for this grant. They need to be in the top 5 to be considered a […]

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Name?Stephen Laster Where do you live?Denton     When did you start training Parkour?around thanksgiving ’08     How has Parkour Influenced you?Parkour has influenced me… Well, I guess it’s influenced me in a lot of ways.  One example is the fact that I’m trying to quit smoking.  It’s a pretty hard thing to do because I’ve been smoking for around 7 years now, but all I think about whenever I want a cigarette is how much longer I’ll be able to […]

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For more information check out the Liverpool Daily on how:  “In letters and leaflets distributed around Moreton, the council is effectively banning the sport because of “anti-social behaviour and damage to public buildings”.  

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