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Texas Parkour is going to be undergoing a major redesign, and we want your help! Have an idea you would like to see implemented? Something you would like to change? Let us know. We want to bring as much community focus as possible to the update. Our primary goals right now are simplicity, social networking integration, and event management/coordination. Follow the discuss button below and take part in shaping up Texas Parkour’s brand new site!

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Levi Mcglathery, Micah Scarbrough and president Matthew Lee Willis traveled today to Dallas’ HS Thompson learning center to teach an amazing group of underprivileged students fitness. They jumped onto the scene and answered some thought provoking questions asked my Men’s Health own David Jack. ”Jack is a performance coach who has worked with top professional athletes and teams throughout the National Football League, Major League Baseball and beyond.” (Mens Health) The Texas Parkour group was able to teach along side […]

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Would you like to support your fellow traceurs and your community?  This is how.  Check out When you purchase anything from take flight a portion of the proceeds is donated back to Texas Parkour.  Also, there are two Texas Parkour traceurs out there that helped come up with all the designs for these amazing t’s.  Thank Colt McCormick and Braden Leigh for the great designs.  We are happy to partner with Take Flight Apparel.

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How can you help your friendly tracuers out?  Support Take Flight Apparel.  There are two traceurs here in Texas that help create designs for Take Flight Apparel Colt McCormick and Braden leigh.  The brain child behind the clothing line, Adam Dunlap, wants to give back.  Adam has choosen for all communities that are involved be given commisions back to our community for any items sold from Texas.  So, you can support our traceurs and your friendly home parkour portal.  Check […]

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A group from Texas Parkour Inc. drove up and down to Laredo this last weekend to perform as well as teach workshops.  We had thousands attend the event and hundreds participate with Texas Parkour by watching or joining the clinics.  Here are some of the great pictures we received from the event.  The event was Laredo Rio Fest.  This event was sponsored by the American Diabetes Association. Here are some more pictures from the event

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