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By now you may be coming to this site due to watching District B13.  We would like to welcome you with open arms and invite you to come to our current free training! Some Videos that might help: DOCUMENTARY 1 DOCUMENTARY 2 Check out our local training times: Austin:Monday – Olympic Hills Gymnastics – $5 – 7:30 – 8:30Wednesday – Waterloo Park – FREE – 6:30 to 7:30 (guided) 7:30 + unguided training For all other cities, check out […]

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I wanted to just get the temperature of people who would go to a Parkour Class in Austin(south) Texas.  My name is Matthew Lee Willis I are wanting to start classes and branch out and we need an accurate count of people that are at least interested in a 1 hr a week at $50 a month Class.  More classes will come as more people sign up, including a 2 hour class as well as future open gym sessions. We […]

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I have been contacted by Magnolia Films and they are hoping to send out some goodies for us at the FMU workshop (January 16th).  So if you and come to the workshop and donate, get ready for some give aways! DISTRICT 13: ULTIMATUMjumping into action at a theater near you Can’t wait to see the explosive sequel to the action hit DISTRICT B13?  Never fear, because Magnet Releasing is bringing DISTRICT 13: ULTIMATUM to a theater near you this February. […]

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Humanzee is a non profit 501(c)3 Christian ministry.  Their goal is to help people reach there physical and mental goals through a spiritual mindset and assistance.  For the spiritual part they use tools such as respect, stewardship and Christian based vaules.  The physical part is meet through their Parkour Director Matthew Lee Willis’. Humanzee has started an after school program on Wednesdays for ages 8 to 13.  For more information please contact Micah Scarbrough at 512-282-8239. Humanzee is currently adding […]

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As a part of the Web 2.0 updates we are trying to move forward with we come to the toolbar now at the bottom of your screen.  It is from  and here is here to stay unless you say so.  You don’t like it; Let us know.  Your feedback is valuable.  Though, we feel it might be a neat way to add a good chat to the bottom of the screen for collaboration and more.  

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