New To Parkour

What is Parkour?

From just a physical standpoint Parkour is a way to go from A to B as fast and efficiently as possible, through any and all obstacles that may be in your way. It is generally made to be used in emergency situations to escape, rescue, etc.

But Parkour is much more than this explanation….to true practitioners it is treated much like a discipline, not only a means of escape but a way to stay in shape, help others, instill confidence, and stay sharp mentally. Parkour is not only made to help you overcome physical obstacles….its made for ALL obstacles both mental and physical. By finding new more efficient paths in your daily life and in your mind you grow mentally, physically as well as test your creativity and adaptability for any situation.

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Parkour History

Parkour was developed in France by David Belle. It was passed down by his Father Raymond Belle who used what we know now as Parkour to survive during the Vietnam War. George Herbert’s Methode Naturalle(which emphasises “being strong to be useful” and being ready for any situation) was also a influence.

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How can I start?

You can start by going out and trying it! But Parkour isn’t about big jumps, crazy flips or daredevil stunts. Parkour is about gradual progression! Start slow only doing basic vaults, jumps, running, climbing, and general strength and flexibility workouts regularly. If you progress correctly you will be able to gradually increase your strength, flexibility, and general ability without causing your body undue stress and inadvertantly injuring it in the long run. Things to keep in mind when doing Parkour is repetition(of techniques and movements),Silence(it shows correct technique and that you aren’t causing undue stress), control of body movement and mind(for the most efficiency), and precision(to help with overall body control and so that you can start to gauge your limits and improve upon them!