New Parkour Gym


Do you agree Parkour is awesome? How about MovNat? Gymnastics? Don’t you want to train in a facility that helps you prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse or just helps you obtain your goals of being a ninja? Help True Nature Training make that a reality for thousands of people in Austin, Texas.

We are going to do something amazing for youth and adults of this generation and we want you to be a part of it. We want to create a gym that matters to practitioners of movement

Specifically, a beautiful spring floor is the center of a great movement facility and that is what your contributions will go towards. If we don’t make our goal, we will downgrade to just the foam part of the floor so your contribution will not be in vain!With your help we are going to:


  • Buy a spring floor!
  • Create an opportunity for Youth to train unhindered, with safety equipment and mats.
  • Create a training ground for Adults.
  • Give a place for kids to be active and stay healthy.
  • Allow elite level athletes to train to their full capacity.
  • Create a space to socialize with other practitioners.


  • Help the local community thrive by giving small business a chance.
  • Promote a healthy understanding of Parkour and MovNat
  • Increase exposure for Parkour and MovNat in Austin, Texas and beyond.
  • Don’t forget tricking, stunts, XMA and freerunning also use spring floors!

Thank you for any help you may be able to offer! Sharing this campaign with your friends and family is greatly appreciated!