Texas Parkour Committees


We want you to join in the future of Texas Parkour, because you are the future.  We will be holding a meeting in person and online with Google Hangout.  We will be meeting on everything from community involvement, parks, events and more!

What is Texas Parkour Committees?  Joining a committee allows you to be a part of a group that will significantly affect Texas Parkour on a daily basis.  The committees are a revolving door of people all over Texas who wants to affect the way Texas Parkour grows and organizes in Texas.

  • Everyone has the right to come and go.
  • No long term commitments
  • Join one committee or several
  • Join us online from any city in TEXAS!

YOU ARE A PART OF TEXAS PARKOUR!  Let us know your interest by responding to this post via, facebook, facebook groups, twitter, our website and more.

Some Possible Committees:

  • Event Planning
  • Academy Expansion
  • Free Training and Giving
  • City and Community Involvement in Texas