About Us

Texas Parkour is a:

– Non Profit
– Community Organization
– Service Organization
– Teaching Organization (Workshops and Classes)
– Performers for Business, Parties, Video and More

Non Profit:

Mission Statement: Through maintaining discipline and good moral character, Texas Parkour is dedicated to providing a unique level of fitness. It is our goal to maintain this through having a strong presence in Texas communities.

Vision Statement: Texas Parkour helps educate youth/adults about the amount of time and effort needed to properly train the Parkour discipline. Jumping off buildings, roofs or bridges is not encouraged by TXPK and will not teach you how to efficiently move your body. We concentrate deeply on conditioning and repetition of movement within our training. Texas Parkour is a nonprofit organization helping put out the most important and relevant information possible about Parkour. Our goals include educating all ages on the true philosophies and techniques behind Parkour. Our emphasis has always been on safety and community.

Community Organization:

Just Check out our Forums.  http://www.texasparkour.com/forums These forums give you anything that your looking for, everything from meetup times for training all over Texas.  We have meetups every day and meetups with people 100 or more a couple times a year.

• Teach 6 free workshops a year

• Offer one free training class in each community a week

• Educate emergency services

• Create HUB Communities for practitioners to operate from

• Become strong with organization and communication

• Create educational information

• Create programs (camps, workshops, events)


Service Organization:

We help non profits all over Texas.  We have worked with the American  Diabetes  Association and even small non profits pick up trash on the side of the road.  Email us and lets help out your organization.  We can hold free local workshops, inform kids about nutrition and healthy living and perform great tricks and stunts for deserving individuals.


We hold free and paid for workshops and classes all over Texas.  If you are interested check out our workshops page http://www.texasparkour.com/ourworkshops or for classes check out your city under our forums here. http://www.texasparkour.com/forums


Our individuals have worked for groups such as Sherwin Williams, AMD, and American Legacy Foundation.  We perform live or for video.  Please email for more information.  texasparkour@gmail.com Or check out the Team Manager Matthew Lee Willis  http://www.linkedin.com/matthewleewillis