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Texas Parkour’s Sponsored Athletes!

Jennifer Catlett McCall

Jennifer McCall came to parkour for the same reasons as lot of other practitioners–she’d always been physical, always loved climbing, running, jumping off stuff and pushing her limits. But unlike most practitioners, she didn’t discover parkour until she was 32 years old with three kids to look after.

In May of 2011, Jennifer was chasing her kids at the park when she saw two people practicing parkour and begged them to train her. Now she’s a board member of Corpus Christi Parkour, a certified parkour coach, and a sponsored athlete, but she feels as though she’s just getting started.


David Has been training parkour for around a year and a half while balancing school with movement. He strengthens his movement with Kinetic Disruption at Sam Houston State of whitch he is now Vice President and loves to see the progression of others as well as himself. He is a certified Assistant Coach and Sponsored Athlete. The goals he sets for his movement push his limits and understand that there is always room for improvement. He wishes to be a great role model for kids who need a big brother figure or some one to look up to. His role model while growing up was his older cousin Clide Edwards because he grew up watching him play football and other sports.

He didn’t grow up in the best of situations but he has alway made due with what he has had and is blessed to grow up with family and friends who love him. He wants to allow this gift he has to help others grow and build up their confidence. Life has given him many experiences to grow from but he knows this is just the begining. Remeber when life gives you Lemons make Grape Juice.

Justin Deffner

Located in The Woodlands, Justin “JD” Deffner began parkour in February of 2010. He quickly found himself obsessed with the movement, and started up a group in his community. User reviews at http://howmed.net/viagra-sildenafil-canadian/, Viagra Sildenafil is the best pills for ED treatment. After teaching himself for over a year, he started learning a variety of martial arts as well. He combines his martial arts with his parkour training, and has performed in live events and indie films. Justin currrently coaches gymnastics and tumbling at ASI Gymnastics.