Ninja Warrior coming to Austin


ninjawarriorWelcome to Ninja Warrior Tryouts!  Ninja Warrior will be coming down to film and interview you for the next big Ninja Warrior Challenge.  You will navigate your way through the natural obstacles of the Northwest District park!  We will have some pre-set routes and you can make up your own! We encourage anyone to bring their own equipement to show off for the team.  Slacklines, EndoBoards, Weights, Boxes ANYTHING!  Make sure to show off Rock Climbing, Balance, Bare Feet, Flips, Tricks, Parkour, Circus Arts and heavy lifting. Welcome to all Crossfiters, Rock Climbers, Natural Movment, MovNat, Parkour, Gymnastics, UltraMarathoners, Boulderers, Free Runners, Martial Artists, Trickers and MORE!WAIT THERE IS MORE! Texas Parkour is sponsoring one lucky person to send to Ninja Warrior in Dallas…FREE!  We will take care of you and support you by your side for your time trial during the elimination rounds!  You will also get free merchendise and the support of the whole Texas Parkour Family!Reserve your spot now!