Parkour Insurance



Do you know that feeling of when you get injured, there is just no way that you can make it to the hospital?  It costs to much.  You're parents don’t have insurance, your on your own and you dont work at a job yet that can pay for your insurance.  I do, I know this feeling.  I know this because I involve myself with athletic play.  My injuries never came from doing something stupid or doing something I shouldn't do, or even practicing my art in the wrong way.  My injuries came, because I am human.  I put my hand more to the left that 1 time out of 100 or even 1000 times before that.  It is human to error and having a backup is important.  I started training Parkour 7 years ago.  I was in college, eating mostly roman and hotdogs and working part time in a gymnastics facility.  My job and my parents were not supplying me with Insurance.  I was on my own and several times for things that I should have had a hospital visit for, I stayed at home, researched remedies online and will pay for it in the long run.

I love that Parkour Insurance is now here.  Its affordable.  Let me tell you why its affordable.  Not only are they extremely inexpensive but it pays.  I missed two weeks of pay just one of the times injured in my career of Parkour.  I am a physical guy and I surround myself by my paid work that requires me to be physical.  You will be out payroll, but do you really want to receive more debt while trying to get your life and training started.  Do you want your training to suffer because you didn’t get the right care at the right time?  Your probably incurring a lot of debt already College, Car, Jobs, Traveling.  In just one of those days of missing work, I could have been covered by insurance, healed faster with the proper care and got back to work! Ultram Tramadol 50 mg 10 pills at cheapest prices.

I suggest Parkour Insurance because they understand the types of injuries Practitioners get.  They understand it is not due to negligence, its due to training hard to make something of yourself.  CHECK THEM OUT.