TXPK changes Places and Format


(THIS IS OUT OF DATE) PLEASE VISIT OUR ACADEMY PAGE.  THANK YOU! http://texasparkour.com/academy

We are excited to announce that our new classes will be at Little Stacy Park in Austin Texas.  We have held a wednesday class for close to 5 years now.  I have looked back at almost 5 years of teaching this class and that is almost 250 classes that we have offered for free to all Austinies!  We this think is a GREAT accomplishment and really want to thank everyone for their continued support with Texas Parkour.


With our new move we are going to start a new format for the class, we call it “Follow Me Workout.”

Texas Parkour’s “Follow Me” workouts are exactly that.  We will chose certified coaches through Parkour Federation to organize sessions.  Heavy on continuous movement and conditioning this class has no formal structure you just follow the instructor into the landscape.  “Go at your own pace but keep up with me.” – Yann Hnautra

Classes start immediately and in January we will be asking all participates to become a member of Parkour Federation to continue for classes to be free!