Coaches Certification – Parkour Federation


The Parkour community needs a certification process for leaders, directors and volunteers.

One of the many advantages of being a Parkour Federation member is that you get to be apart of certification processes. Many of our programs like Academy Certification and Community Creation require an actual Coaches Certification. This certification shows everyone from newspapers, to government officials to your students and famlies you work with that you care not only about becoming legitimate but learning the vital basics it takes to coach Parkour. In our program you will learn to spot Parkour techniques and keep your students and friends safe. As well as lead Parkour training sessions and workshops.

We encourage anyone of any community member to take the course.

The certification is broken up into two days.
Day 1 – Games and Physical Challenge
Day 2 – Progression – Spotting and more

–This is our introductory price. This will be your last chance to be certified for this low of a price–

Little Stacy Park
Austin TX

DEC – 31st JAN – 1st
10am to 2pm 10am to 2pm

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