Summer’s Over


Many things have been happening with Texas Parkour over the summer.  Aside from the blistering heat, we were still up and running!


Austin-Independent-School-DistrictFirst of which, we now are proving afterschool classes to 5 schools in Austin!  We are working with the 21st Century Grant Program.  This grant gives schools money to start and maintain afterschool programs.  It is a great program and we are excited to be a part of their 7th cycle.  Look for us in your schools soon!  If you are a school looking for an afterschool program outside of the grant shoot us an email @


twitterlogo_reasonably_smallTeaming up with Parkour Federation we will be opening a couple new Texas Parkour cities.  We are currently working with Killeen, Arlington, Fort Worth and College Station!  Keep your eyes open for some great new communities starting up.


TXPKlogoBastrop Classes have started!  Check out the academy page for more information.  They will be happening at Fisherman’s park, Tuesdays at 5:30 for ages 12 to 17 yrs old.  We are looking to start more classes earlier, so let us know if you have a little tike 4 to 8 yr old who is interested in training Parkour.