Post Yamakasi


Hello Post Yamakasi Texas!YamakasiAndTXPK


Texas Parkour and many of its volunteers are looking forward to spreading the ADD message and what Yamakasi had to say.  Laurent, Yann and Chau had such simple beauty to what they said and I hope that we get to carry through with those words.

*Jump with your heart not with your head*



I am sure that some of these words still ring true in your minds.  Texas Parkour over the next couple months will be finding ways to connect directly with communities and find out what a community DOES and DOES NOT need. Lasix online info on and the best deals for generic Lasix. The only way to do that is to tell us.  Please help Texas become unified and lets do what it takes to have a *Yamakasi Inspired* FAMILY and not just a community here in Texas.

Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter.  It is where now adays, we announce most of our information.  Thank you.