Yamakasi February Workshop in Texas



Yamakasi/Majestic Force (ADD Academy) Come To Texas 

This is Texas Parkour’s Christmas Eve Eve gift to everyone!  Though we are currently in the preliminary stage, we wanted to give you the basics and we’ll update you with more details as they become confirmed. We are so extremely fortunate to bring this to all of you! Please give us feedback.

Who: Yamakasi/Majestic Force *ADD Academy

What: The most well known and respected founders of Parkour are coming out to teach a workshop for everyone in the US! The workshop will be a three-day event, featuring coaches from their ADD Academy: Chau Belle, Yann Hnautra, and two more soon to be confirmed.

Where: Austin, Texas (more details TBA)

When: 11th, 12th and 13th of February

Why: Texas Parkour’s goal is to help spread movement in the world. We felt that there would be no better way to continue this goal than to bring out the founders of the art to teach people movement. Many of us here at Texas Parkour have studied under and followed many of the coaches and their training for years. Because this has influenced us on a “Mind, Body, and Spirit” level, we would like to share that experience opportunity with everyone in the community. Check out our hub http://workshops.txpk.co for all the updates…soon to be up and operational!!



Where does the money go?

I wanted to make it pretty clear that this is not a way for Texas Parkour to make a money.  It costs a lot of money to send these amazing coaches over from Europe, in the next few days you will actually see a break down of STAGES behind the fundraising for the event.  (EXAMPLE) Stage one: Bring Coaches (need 50 people) Stage two: Free Bar-B-Que on day three. (need 70 people)