Volunteer Work day

Monday, December 6 · 8:00am – 11:00am

Location 412 E. William Cannon Dr Austin TX 78745

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More Info Calling All Volunteers!   We know you all have been looking for a chance to give back, now you can.  Starting at 8am and ending at 12am We plan on doing 16 full hours of work for Texas Parkour! 

**Your commitment**
Please take any time out of your day, 1 hr 2 hr or even 3 hrs to meetup at our central location (austin) OR VIA SKYPE and put volunteer time into the organization. Our work will involve every level of expertise. Website, Insurance, Graphic Design, Idea People.

1. Parkour Parks 2. Fixing website features 3. Finding new website functionalities 4. Making website more visually appealing 5. 30 sec advertisement-script -edited – shoot 6. Flyers 7. Twitter 60 days 8. Front Page 60 days 9. Discuss Workshops – Events – Classes 10. Insurance 11. Community Booklet 12. Meta Data 13. Craigslist ads 14. Conditioning Videos 15. Affiliate Program 16. Yamakasi 17. Workshop. 18. New Logo 19. Grant Writing. MORE AND MORE AND MORE

Please come out and help Texas Parkour Grow!