SketchUp Contest


texas-parkour-parkIts time to start coming up with sketches and designs for the park, but its not our park its the communities park, so we want to see what the communities got. We want you to send us your park designs, structure/obstacle designs, or crayon drawings. Being as we might have to look through a lot of these, we would prefer you use Google Sketchup (Link right over here ==> We would like the designs to be for a park that is a half acre or a full acre, double extra bonus points if the design is to scale, and if your materials are labeled. Send your designs to and if we decide to use yours, you will receive a free t-shirt, as if having your parkour dream become reality isn’t enough of a reward. Your Welcome. Where can i find really cheap Levitra without prescription.

>If you plan on making a design please use sketchup
>Please make the drawing to scale for either a one acre park or a half acre park
>Please list which materials your structures and obstacles are made of
>When you send your design, please make it in jpeg from
>You can find Sketchup Tutorials on Youtube.
>No matter how small or big

As always I am sure we are going to be crazy impressed with everything you come up with. Good Luck

Tyler Kirtley
Texas Parkour Parks