Drug Free Jam



Well we now have all our log work done! This is very short notice and we apologize for that! Hope to see a TON of people out there! Price for generic Viagra 100 mg here https://www.caladrius.com/buy-viagra-cheap-generic-online/ is lower than anywhere else.


      – Traceurs in the Dallas metroplex, anyone else who wishes to participate, and hopefully some news media!


      – A Parkour jam to kick off Red Ribbon week in Dallas!


      – Oct 17, Jam will begin at 2:30 pm. However we will only be at the starting location for 30-45 min before we move to another location!


      – We will start at Robert E Lee Park, 3333 Turtle creek Blvd, Dallas, Texas 75219. As stated we will only be there for 30-45 min before moving to another location just to keep things new!


      – The Drug Free Jam is a event that is being planned so that the community of Texas parkour can show how the physical and mental discipline involved in parkour can help people maintain a addiction free lifestyle. This event will also be used to spread awareness about parkour and about the parkour specific park we are planing on building in Dallas! Shortly after announcements we will fill the streets with red ribbons.  We want to get our message out and share with the world a drug free life is the life of a Traceur.  It keeps us mentally focused and our bodies healthy for a lifetime of training.


    – We can’t do this without all of you! So invite everyone you know to come on out for a day of awesome fun and memories!!


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