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WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? The Texas Parkour Bootcamps are structured around adult Men and Women who do not want the normal Bootcamp experience. Why not have fun while learning to get fit?  The program is outlined to:

  • Give you skills for future workouts/training.
  • Receive knowledge from a well known and premiere professional in the United States.
  • Build your confidence.
  • Help beginners or advanced with personal fitness and fun movement.
  • Learn more about body weight exercise.

Current Sessions: AUSTIN, TEXAS
January  9th through 12th 2012

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Cost: $100
Duration: 4 Days
Class length: 1hr
Location: Little Stacey Park, Austin TX
Time/Day: 6:00am Mon-Thurs
Coach/Leader: Matthew Lee Willis


  • Crash Course in Parkour
  • Learn new fun conditioning
  • Workout while learning

The smell of smell of concrete and fresh air is why we like waking up at 5am in the morning. How to order Viagra online, visit and buy Viagra online at lowest prices.  This Bootcamp is designed to push you out of the drudge of your cubical and into a different work environment that includes running, jumping and climbing.  Rekindle your inner child, get a great workout and acquire new skills.