Young Palettes Joins Texas Parkour


Young Palettes is an Austin-based nonprofit organization, created by Chef Marcus Willis and Chef Arnold Perez (Austin locals). Chef Arnold Perez and Chef Marcus Willis have both received their Culinary degrees from ACC Culinary Program. Young Palettes targets obesity and childhood obesity. It promotes healthy and sustainable living practices concerning food, and classes are offered for both the child/children and their parents. Young Palettes is part of a new awareness of affordable, healthy meals for the kids, families and athletes:


“We believe that anyone can live healthy on a budget without sacrificing the pleasure of eating. Our goal is to help people turn away from cheap, unhealthy, processed food. Theywill lose weight and feel healthier with the guidance of our recipes, by attending our classes, searching our web site, using our cookbooks, attending our training camps, events, and participating in our community outreach.”

Young Palettes started under TXPK in an effort to help practitioners acquire the proper type of fuel for every stage of their training, meeting them at their level. We feel the partnership will create healthy lifestyles through physical fitness and nutrition.

Come be a part of our movement for affordable, healthy, sustainable eating practices!

Mission Statement 

Young Palettes promotes healthy and sustainable living practices using all facets of agriculture, with an emphasis in helping youth and obese families.


Vision Statement
Young Palettes is a green-minded nonprofit that helps educate children and parents on healthy eating practices. Our focus concentrates on childhood obesity, healthy eating, food budgets, sustainable and nutritional agriculture, as well as how those may affect families and communities. By targeting both children and their parents, we will raise awareness about the importance of living healthy through educated food choices.