Parkour In the Park




Parkour in the Park is a free running and parkour exhibition and instructional class taught by several of the best traceurs and free runners in Texas. Both entertaining and utilitarian, parkour and free running are disciplines that utilize natural and man-made features of the cityscape to leap, climb, swing, balance, and vault over. Buy cheap Viagra online overnight delivery from and save your money.


Come and play or just watch. You’re sure to be entertained and enlivened by the experience. Be sure to bring water and sun protection. Comfortable active-wear and running shoes are recommended.



Lee Park in front of Arlington Hall at the intersection of Hall St. and Turtle Creek Blvd. 3400 Turtle Creek Blvd. See website for updated location, dates, and times.



For Who:

  • Designed with people of all ages and physical abilities
    in mind.
  • Children and teenagers wanting to have fun, get 
    active, and learn some awesome athletic skills.
  • Adults seeking a healthy, exciting, and dynamic way to 
    have fun, get more active, and play with friends and family.
  • Anyone wanting to feel energized and improve 
    balance and flexibility.



Saturdays at 10am



Free to everyone but donations 
($5-$15) are welcome.


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