Double Feature


Texas Parkour has been given the great opportunity to spread its word in two local news agencies.  The Houston Chronicle and the Dallas CBS 11.

Houston Chronicle:

We are looking for a special individual for this task.  We need a personal Parkour story on a local in Houston.  To have a chance at sharing your message, whether it be a hard entrance into Parkour, overcoming physical obstacles or mental obstacles, we want to hear from you about your difficulties or even JOYS about being apart of Texas Parkour, Houston Parkour and Parkour in general.  You can apply by sending us an email:

Subject: Chronicle Submission

Dallas CBS 11:

We are looking for a few individuals to talk about Fort Worth and Parkour.  We are looking for people who support both Texas Parkour as well as the Mission and Vision statement of Texas Parkour, to do the article.
Subject: CBS Submission

Both Articles will be posted on the front page of Texas Parkour when released.  We appreciate your support.