Starting Out


Your just starting out right?  Don’t know what to do?  We are big on safety here.  So you need to learn and try to perfect a couple of these movements.

Try learning your Safety Landing:

Try Learning your Safety Roll:

FIRST: Get Down
SECOND: Get Over
Do not think of these aspects of what others are doing but what YOU need to do.  Do not go off and start learning what everyone else is learning.  Start with safety.  Learn all of these three drills as a safety aspect.
Get down– You should be thinking of these things as how can I get down without hurting myself.  I do not need to go straight into large jumps.  I need to learn to LAND ON THE BALLS OF MY FEET.  Learn my safety landing, 80% feet and 20% hands.  Learn the safety roll.
Get Over– Learn your safety vault.  Learn this and learn how to come off objects this way.  Don’t just learn how to get over but come down using this vault.  Learn the speed vault and lazy.  Dont think of any other vaults right now.  Those are for actually moving through your environment powerfully.  Think more of the grace.  Right now you need to get your basics.
Get Up– Learn the Pop vault.  Learn the top out.  Learn the CAT.  No need for wall traversing side ways or weird tacs to no where.  Just learn up and down.  Get good at your top out/muscle up.  This is very important.
This is the physical aspect of some things that you will want to work on when trying to know more about Parkour.