Men’s Health and Texas Parkour


Levi Mcglathery, Micah Scarbrough and president Matthew Lee Willis traveled today to Dallas’ HS Thompson learning center to teach an amazing group of underprivileged students fitness. They jumped onto the scene and answered some thought provoking questions asked my Men’s Health own David Jack. ”Jack is a performance coach who has worked with top professional athletes and teams throughout the National Football League, Major League Baseball and beyond.” (Mens Health)

The Texas Parkour group was able to teach along side Dallas cowboy’s Ken Hamlin and see how great a non profit organization like Fit Schools can achieve great goals through fitness. Fit school is the non profit that put this event on. We hope to be more involved with this great organization in the future and bring fitness to Texas Schools. If you have any comments, questions or even suggestions about fitness in your school send us an email and lets get started.