TXPK Volunteer Day


TXPK Volunteer Day
What: Volunteer day for Texas Parkour.  We will need all of your talents from script writing to food making.  The day will consist of a 8 fun hours of volunteer work.  You will be feed and kept healthy all day.  We will have impromptu workouts to keep the creative blood flowing to, great food cooked cooked on the grill.  We will need anyone with a mind and the ability to work with others.  Everyone that comes will have the opportunity to contribute and help Texas Parkour.
Who: All volunteers all over Texas
When: September 20th 10am to 6pm
Where: 10701 S Ih 35 Austin, Texas *Onion Creek Apartments*

Just some of the tasks set forth for the day:
-Website Redesign
-Article Writing
-Flyer Making
-Cold Calls *YEA*
-Script Writing
-Social Marketing

What if you can not make it?  Sign up for Skype at www.skype.com and we will conference you into the work fun!  You wont be able to eat any of the awesome food, but we would love to have you there for the meeting.

Any questions?  Call Matthew Lee Willis 830-377-1897