Picking up the pieces


The following is the transcript of a discussion held by many of the traceurs in the Texas area. We’re asking for help from the entire community on this as it’ll take quite a few people to replace the void left by Matthew. I’ll ask you not to start the discussion until everyone has input their piece(s) of the already ongoing discussion. And so it begins:

Hello all,

As of 1:37 this afternoon, Matthew has resigned as the executive
director of Texas Parkour. If you have not done so already, we
suggest you visit the Texas Parkour website and read his letter of
resignation, as it is salient to the rest of this email.

If you are on the recipient list, it’s because you are a leader in
your parkour community, either because others believe you are or
because you have taken action to organize your local scene. This is
also not a complete list, because we don’t know many of the local
communities, and we apologize for this.

The purpose of this email is to address the question: what now?
Should there be a formal leadership of Texas Parkour? If so, what is
the best way for us to serve our communities? Should Texas Parkour
even continue to exist? If so, what will its function be?

As we see it, these are the tasks before us. Feel free to add to this
list or to tell us we’re wrong:
(1) Address the Texas Parkour community with some damage control.
(2) Figure out how to structure the new leadership of Texas Parkour.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Patrick & Desmund

PS: Please note that this is not a bid for power. I’m not trying to
take Matthew’s place. I don’t have time to steward an organization
like Texas Parkour was under Matthew. –Patrick

Patrick: I spoke to Desmund yesterday. He believes — and I agree — that we should find a way reässure the community that their community is still coherent, just as before. He suggested a round of jams around the state like we did near the beginning of the year. What say you to this?