MLW Resigns


Texas Parkour is currently down.  Though, it will still function as normal.  With the advent of all the information presented below, please continue to make the best out of your community and remain at your free training.  The organization is now given to it’s members to do what they wish.  Please continue as you normaly would to training.  Though unless told by your leaders most out of city training EVENTS have been postponed or cancelled.  Check the forums, go to training and train train train…

This is Matthew Lee Willis’ resignation from Texas Parkour Inc.

From what I have found I am in no way capable of running an organization with members or leaders.  I have fought for over four years to try and unify a Parkour community.  From what I have seen there will always be those who question you and your integrity when you’re trying your best.  I in no way attack persons individually.  I have always fought for Parkour and Texas Parkour.  I however am threatened personally about my tactics and am personally attacked for trying to solve issues in the ways I see as best.  I am no longer allowing myself to be subjected to personal attacks from members of Texas Parkour .  Texas Parkour has been a democracy since its inception but even in a democracy there are levels of authority.  I have officially lost all authority over Texas Parkour due to the dance of misconception and spreading of hate.   The process is as follows.  I call a meeting of importance, half show up late and half don’t show up.  I try to make the organization transparent and share everything with its leaders.  Leaders then do nothing to help the organization, bicker about the organization and then do nothing.  Respectfully the organization behind Texas Parkour is nothing without its leaders trying to lead.  I have the inability to rally the leaders to do their job.  It is a job, because you as a leader accepted the responsibility.  Why be a leader unless you want to lead?  Why accept responsibility when you have the intension to do nothing.

I have come to the conclusion that I do not have the gut, intensions or will power to remain a man at center attention.  A man blamed for not making an organization better, when it’s all I want to do/have done.  As much as I have done for this community I expected more from many of the leaders in the organization.  I have always expected leaders to care for their community as much as I had and it just never happened.  I laid in wait for people to care more and to grow their community.  I give too much as a man to be mocked on public forums and to be disrespected by members.  If anything I want you all to remember, I try.  I try every day to connect new people to the art.  I try on an everyday basis to make Texas Parkour better and it is beyond me to do so with the poison being laid around the organization.  We have leaders who question ideas because they would rather talk circles around the idea of an idea. We even have a group of individuals turning a city into a relic for other organizations who believe in a lesser of two evils debate.

Whether these leaders do or do not, Texas Parkour is still lead by these people.  I would like to include that a Leaders is not just an assigned representative of Texas Parkour, but those who you look up to in your community to do more for you.  Not all Leaders have attacked me personally and I want to make that clear.    As I stated above, I have the inability to lead my leaders.  There are many reasons for this, personal inadequacy on my part and unwillingness to be lead.

I try too hard to be treated the way I have.  I try too hard to be spoken to the way I have.  I try too hard for Texas Parkour to go nowhere.  I try too hard to have my efforts striped of all its good intensions.  I try too hard to be heckled for what I stand for.  I try too hard to allow people new to the art tell me how Parkour is/was/will be.  I try too hard to get paid nothing.  I try too hard for members to expect money from me.  I try too hard to get organizations like American Diabetes association helping us, Clear River Advocates helping us to have them be put to a vote whether or not they are good enough for members/leaders to be a part of.   I try too hard to be legally responsible for people who could care less they are ruining my image as well as Texas Parkour’s image.  I try too hard to be disrespected on online videos of our own audience.  I try too hard to be told I don’t understand what Parkour needs.  I try too hard to let others teach Parkour inefficiently without me stepping in to help out.  I try too hard to be spoken down to in front of my own class.  I try too hard to allow people who don’t know much about Parkour come in and take over what people think of Parkour.

I felt that I have always acted in the interest of Texas Parkour’s members.  I have also felt that I never attack people on a personal basis and have always tried to work with others.  I have recently been heckled for transparency and professionalism.  Is my letter professional?  I feel the members of Texas Parkour have a right to know my sadness over this issue.  Texas Parkour has always brought me up, but it was because I fought and screamed the whole way.  Texas Parkour was always destined to grow I just never thought it would grow away from me.  What does this mean for Matthew Lee Willis?  Matthew Lee Willis, will still do/train/teach free Parkour in and around all of Texas.  Matthew Lee Willis will also be a part of Texas Parkour Inc…whatever comes of it in whatever fashion it resides. Texas Parkour has always been a community organization and it will now stand on community organization alone. Maybe that is what Texas Parkour needs?  I give you all a personal invitation to email me or call me.  I love you all and a very heartfelt God Bless to you all individually and your training.