Parkour Visions Needs Our Help


Parkour Visions, the official non-profit organization of American Parkour, just submitted an application for the “Grant 4 Change.” If they win, they’ll receive $10,000 which they plan to put toward opening up a training center and continuing to fund their outreach programs that teach parkour to at-risk and low-income children.

They have a lot of competition though – there are 293 other organizations applying for this grant. They need to be in the top 5 to be considered a finalist.. so please vote!

It’s super easy, you just go to, register (It took me 30 seconds… can you register faster than I did?), and then vote them 5-Stars. Pass it around your friends, classmates, and on any other websites you visit. The voting ends August 31st, so please help out as soon as possible! We don’t have much time!

Go vote, and help Parkour Visions win this grant!