Member Spotlight 2


Stephen Laster

Where do you live?

When did you start training Parkour?
around thanksgiving ’08    

How has Parkour Influenced you?
Parkour has influenced me… Well, I guess it’s influenced me in a lot of ways.  One example is the fact that I’m trying to quit smoking.  It’s a pretty hard thing to do because I’ve been smoking for around 7 years now, but all I think about whenever I want a cigarette is how much longer I’ll be able to train when the cravings are finally over and my body starts recovering.  Also, I keep thinking of my first months training.  I spent at least an hour a day every day for the first few months (and still spend a bit of every day now)  working on rolls.  I have to learn how to roll so I don’t get hurt on higher landings is all I was thinking, and now I’m rolling on concrete with virtually no impact.  If I spent that much dedication working on rolls, why not spend the same dedication on quitting smoking?  Another example, is when I started parkour I weighed over 300 pounds (how much over is irrelevant) and now I’m back down to the 240’s and feel the best I ever have in my life.  I’m eating better, working out more, and just living healthier and it’s all for the drive to make my body ready for more advanced parkour techniques.    

How has Texas Parkour Influenced you?
The family.  3 weeks from the day that I write this article people that I’ve never met, met once, or met twice are going to give their time to help my friend patrick and myself advice and tips and people to just train with as we tour texas on a 4 day trip that includes 2 cities I’ve never trained at and 3 patrick never has.  I’m a very… off person (those of you who have trained with me probably figured that out by now).  I’m not used to that.  It’s really given me a lot more confidence in being myself… As corny as that sounds…