CRA and Texas Parkour Team Up


Clear River Advocates (CRA) is a 501c(3)nonprofit that has been cleaning up the Hill Country for over 7 years. Headed by its Executive Director Marvin Willis, CRA is unmatched in regards to involving other nonprofits,  local businesses, and Texas communities in their efforts to clean rivers, lakes, and streams.  The choice to partner with CRA will bring great advantages for Texas Parkour:

– A community that promotes nonprofits and additional environmental efforts
-A growing community who cares about their environment
– Established volunteer base and
– Resources including radio, events, and even television.
You will see Texas Parkour’s involvement with CRA in efforts to:
-Clean rivers, lakes and streams

-Clean Highways

-State wide events and
much more…

With this partnership we will help clean up Texas on both terra and aqua: we shall give strength to “Don’t Mess With Texas.”

To learn more about CRA contact:
or contact Marvin Willis @ 830-377-9838